Specification & Technical Data

Fizz 1:

Length – 7.6m
Width – 1.9m
Height – 1.5m
Weight – 2011kg
Colour – Cream/Black/Chrome

Please Note: To significantly reduce the weight of the Limousine the engine, gear box & many components have been removed.


Fizz 1 Features:

Two Under Counter Fridges
Sound / PA System
Hot Water Wash Station
Glass / Drink Storage Shelves
Opera Lights
Vehicle Lights
Under Vehicle Remote Controlled LED Lighting – optional colours
Internal LED Lighting


Tilt Bed Trailer:

Bed Length – 7m
Overall Length – 8.6m (including tow bar)
Width – 2.3m
Weight – 1109kg
Height – 0.6m


Tilt Bed Trailer with Fizz 1 loaded:

Height – 2.1m
Weight – 3120kg


Towing Vehicle:

Length – 5.4m


Towing Vehicle & Tilt Bed Trailer:

Length – 12.4m


Fizz 1 – Limousine Positioning:

Towed to the site on a Tilt Bed Trailer.
Removed from trailer close to final site position.
Pushed into final position.
Manoeuvred using car steering & jockey wheels.
Levelled once in final position.


Site Visits & Access Requirements:

Site visits can be arranged to discuss access & bar positioning options at your proposed site. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Providing the towing vehicle & trailer can approach the site access straight on, the Gate / Driveway / Roads minimum Width requirement is 2.6m.

The turning circle of the towing vehicle and trailer is significantly large therefore we do recommend a site visit prior to Booking.


Email us: info@fizzbizz.co